16 May

late night soul searching

  • why have you been single forever?
  • lol is that a serious question?
  • if you dont' wanna answer that's cool
  • no no
  • i'm just curious
  • i mean, i'm crazy about boys but i just don't really think i'm ready for a relationship? is that odd? i have crushes left and right
  • why not?
  • lol
  • i think it's because i'm not quite okay with myself yet
  • oh
  • so i havent been able to let someone else close enough
  • that's probably the jist of it
  • i think at your core you're pretty mature
  • yeah, i don't bitch and moan about it because that's so trite and i HATE drama lol
  • life = drama
  • that's true. so very true but there's real drama and then there's bullshit drama. and i guess it's difficult to tell the difference when you're in the midst of it.
  • ...
  • i think there are very few people that know me super well. but then again, i'm surprised every once in a while. idk. what do you think? it's difficult for me to gauge how i am in other people's eyes. i know i can be pretty confusing because damn, i even confuse myself! lol
  • yeah. i agree with that. you're pretty erratic